Songs of Hope and Haven: New Album by Kathryn Clements

Kathryn Clements…...Songs of Hope and Haven 

A collection of songs written and composed by Kathryn to inspire and strengthen the listener during these troubled times……. Our world is changing at cosmic speed and the values we hold dear: patience, kindness, tenderness, hope, respect and love….. seem to be disintegrating before our very eyes. May these songs be a haven and give you hope… may they strengthen and inspire you to never give up and to live, love and trust from your heart.

Track 2 "Sorry" is  inspired and dedicated to the great indigenous artist Archie Roach; Track 3" Welcome Here" is for all those who seek Asylum in Australia; Track 4" Behind Closed Doors" is inspired and written for Rosie and Luke Batty and for all those who have experienced Domestic Violence.