1. Set Us Free

Set Us Free: This is a song of hope and freedom, inspired by the book, No Friend but the Mountain, written on a mobile phone by Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani who, in 2013, was illegally and indefinitely detained on Manus Island. It was also inspired by all those who continue to be held illegally in detention throughout Australia.


Set Us Free by Kathryn Clements
No friend but the mountain
No home but the sky
No light but the moon that shines on you and I
No voice but the words I send across the raging sea
No hope but the day when you will set us free… when you will set us free F
We are fathers, we are brothers, we are husbands, we are sons,
Who cry ourselves to sleep at nights for what we have become
And who wake and pray, with each new day, for the strength to survive
For our Mothers and our sisters, our daughters and our wives
Australia, the Lucky country, proud and young and free
At least that’s what they told us in the land far oe’er the sea
So we took a chance to reach this land of opportunity
Where we could live together in peace and harmony
Instrumental then Chorus .. please won’t you set us free (Tag)